Keurig Coffee Makers

A couple of years ago my husband Bill gave me a Keurig coffee maker for my birthday. At first, I didn’t get it. We already had a coffee maker that worked just fine.

But soon I fell in love with the simplicity of popping single serve cups into the machine, pressing a button, and having a perfectly fresh cup of coffee made right before my eyes. There was no mess to clean up, and I could easily start with, say, a cup of breakfast blend, and follow up with a cup of Italian roast, or cocoa, or tea.

My guests loved perusing the spinning rack of variety, and I no longer had to make a pot of decaf along with a pot of regular, along with having a tea kettle blaring, just to make everyone happy.

I initially had some issues with the cost per cup (approximately 55 cents, which adds up if you have two or three cups a day) and amount of garbage I was producing, since each cup results in a little plastic pile of waste. But since the novelty and freshness of Keurig brewed coffee satisfies my desire for take-out coffee, I think I am actually saving money and harming the planet less now.

Since I use this daily and it makes something I love taste even better, the Keurig ranks high on my list of recommendations.

The spinner rack is optional. Initially, it seemed a little too gimmicky for me, but it cuts down on rooting through boxes for the perfect flavor when you’re still half asleep. And it is fun, in the way a stack of tiny jelly tubs at a restaurant is fun.

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