Annie Chun’s Soup Bowls

I recommend Annie Chun’s Soup Bowls to anyone who eats Ramen noodles, dehydrated soup cups, or frozen entrees often.  Annie Chun’s meals are not a substitute for restaurant food, deli food, or home cooked real food, but if you are someone who likes to grab quick microwavable snacks and meals, you will be really impressed.

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There are a variety of choices, many that are vegan. They have non-plastic biodegradable bowls and are 100% natural. They are stored at room temperature with soft noodles, and only take a little over a minute to cook, so even if you only had a ten or fifteen minute break, you could make yourself something that resembles real food.

I admit, there was a short time where I ate these every day and thought they were sooo delicious. The Korean Kimchi was my favorite, closely followed by Udon. I may have overdone it because now they have been relegated back to the only-in-an-emergency part of the cupboard, but they are still a big step above most other quick snacks and meals.

Yes, there are better microwave entrees (Many Amy’s meals are great), but you would pay twice as much or more and not be able to store them in your desk drawer at work. If you are going to spend $6.00 you might as well go out and get a sandwich. But for $2.00 – $3.00, these are nice to keep around.

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