Holly Recommends…

Lint Wizard Pro

Never before has any pet hair remover stood a chance against lint rollers. I know because I tried them all. Weird little rough brushes and strange contraptions with refill sheets (it kind of defeats the purpose of not buying lint rollers if you have to buy refill sheets all the time). So I kept going back to lint rollers. They would always run out at the worst possible moment and they cost way too much money.

Then I skeptically tried the Lint Wizard Pro. It’s As-Seen-On-TV approach may scare you, but it truly works wonderfully and can be used over and over without showing any signs of slowing down or wearing out. I love it. It belongs in every car, work tote, junk drawer, coat closet. I think this would make a great little gift for all your slobby but lovable friends.

Just for the record, this photo shows a Lint Wizard Pro and a Lint Wizard Mini. I have both and they are both great. I do not have a Fuzz Wizard, however.


Photo courtesy of http://www.lintwizard.com
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