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Del Monte Fruit Naturals Mixed Berries

I am in love with these little cups of berries.  Whole, plump blueberries and blackberries surrounded by 100% juice. They do not compare to any fruit cocktail I have ever had. They are almost better than fresh berries.  





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One thought on “Del Monte Fruit Naturals Mixed Berries

  1. Unfortunately, you are so wrong! They taste NOTHING like fresh berries. The blueberries are very leathery & taste like they aren’t even close to ripe, and the blackberries taste like soggy seed filled sacks. I am the executive chef at the only true upscale restaurant in west Texas and I buy fresh berries 2 to3 times a week to garnish my desserts & theese “berrie cups” taste synthetic in comparison. Plus i could have bought fresh berries this time of year for less! My 12 year old loves blackberries & he won’t touch them! What a waste of $9!


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