HGTV I’m a Giant Dollhouse Challenge Update

When I first heard about the HGTV Dollhouse challenge, December seemed really far away. I actually thought it was TOO much time. I imagined myself completing a dollhouse by about Halloween and tortuously having to wait for all the stragglers to paste in their carpet squares. HOWEVER. Now that October is wrapping up, I am getting a little nervous. My dollhouse is still in pieces, cluttering up my living room. Preferring decorating to construction projects, I have assembled my dollhouse kitchen on my real life counter top, and my husband is past the point of finding it cute.

Here is an idea of what my mini kitchen will look like if I ever get it together:

What’s a kitchen without a begging dog?

Wow, this kitchen has gotten as messy as my own kitchen. How does this happen?

Can you believe I got this on clearance? Yay for bargains!

This tiny toaster is my favorite part of all:

These sheets of craft paper will make great wallpaper:

My dollhouse kit, which will be lucky if it ever grows up and becomes a dollhouse:

Sooo… I have a long way to go. But big dreams for my tiny home. I will continue to keep you posted. Thanks for checking in!

For more design inspiration on a small scale, check out this positively awesome and inspiring blog

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