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Check out Megan Dyck’s design blog about tiny houses

These amazing tiny houses are from Canadian artist Megan Dyck’s blog ‘Trappings: An Archive of Artistic Inspiration.’

Trappings Blog — by Artist Megan Dyck

I am completely amazed and fascinated by these homes. A very simple concept, yet one that would be hard to adjust to (especially for a person such as myself who fantasizes about having a closet the size of one of these little guys). But in all seriousness, this is brilliant! Not only are they cheap, they are also mobile. I love seeing all the clever and inventive ways that things are stored. A smart and under-rated idea that a lot of people could totaly make work -not to say that it wouldn’t be a major shift of life-style, but perhaps, in some ways a healthier one, nonetheless.
I’m under the impression that there are a number of companies that manufacture these houses, but one to note is Tiny Tumbleweed House Co.














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2 thoughts on “Check out Megan Dyck’s design blog about tiny houses

  1. Robert Ayen on said:

    Saw a $199,00 (not including land) prefab this past weekend in Palm Springs. This 1,200 square foot home I guessed was 2,000 square feet. All recycled material and included solar panels. It was locally made, requires two trucks and one day to assemble. Very impressive and a place for everything including full size w/d.


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