The Secret to Crocheting Quickly. It’s actually kind of obvious.

I am approximately twenty percent done with a blanket I have been crocheting since 2010. As you can imagine, I am really losing my motivation. A few days ago, while visiting my favorite place in all the world, the Anthropologie sale room, I ventured out into the non-salefloor and was admiring some of their $200 crocheted blankets. I was thinking “I love these. I want these. These are reasonably priced, considering they take a decade to make.” I promptly decided I was done (at least for now) with my life-sentence blanket and I was going to start making a new, better, faster blanket. So tonight after work I went to the craft store and I bought the thickest, chunkiest yarns I could find and the world’s hugest crochet hook. I stayed with a muted pallet of grays, browns, beiges, and creams to make up for the texture overload. Here are my fabulous yarns, which were almost all on sale (extra exciting):

Photo by Holly Tierney-Bedord

Photo by Holly Tierney-Bedord

The bulkiness of the yarns and the oversized crochet hook are making it easy to fly along. I already have several rows done of what is going to be a large throw for the living room. The bulky yarns and large hook are giving my blanket the rustic, casual look I wanted. Any small mistakes are hidden, which is a big relief. There is nothing more annoying when you’re crocheting than realizing that waaaay back you made a mistake.

The size and lightness of the hook makes it really comfortable to work with. Just as writing with a pencil for a couple of hours can get irritating, so goes it with a small metal hook. After working my way through The Bachelor (Ben was CRAZY to get rid of Kasey, by the way) I have not a whisper of carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, or sloping shoulder and am ready to work on it some more.

Pictures of my progress coming soon!

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