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Rustic Modern Design

What is rustic modern design? Well, now that it has a name, people will probably stop liking it. But I love it! It’s a pared down mix of old and new. Recycled wood flooring and natural elements. Long lasting construction materials that get better with age: Brick and stone in place of vinyl siding. Bronze railings in place of plastic. Humble yet sophisticated. Less clutter, less fuss, and a blending of indoors with the natural world outside. It’s a clarity that brightens cabins and takes the cutesiness out of cottages while keeping their magic and character.

Rustic Modern design incorporates antiques and cherished flea market finds along with new, handmade artisan purchases. The less-is-more attitude encourages mixing and matching a few favorite pieces of furniture and homewares instead of trying to be perfectly decorated and matched. It may sound a little pretentious, but the longevity and greenness of it is really very down to earth.

This photo and the two above it courtesy of http://www.todayyouinspiredme.blogspot.com

This photo and the photo above it courtesy of http://www.fopple.com/modern-eco-friendly-old-house-remodeling

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  1. Next house?


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