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Great resources if you love miniatures and dollhouses

Here is a handy list of great websites for anyone who loves miniatures and dollhouses.

How To: Make a Modern Doll House. Photo courtesy of http://www.curbly.com

Quirky, one of a kind dollhouses! These two photos courtesy of EkaKaramelka on Etsy

Little girl with her dollhouse. Photo from The Antique Dollhouse, and as featured in the blog of Ulla Norup Milbrath

The Museum of Miniatures’ Flicker Photostream

Mini Picnic Scene. Photo courtesy of Etsy artist Day414

"Not Your Grandma's Dollhouse: 10 Contemporary Designs For Modern Tots" Photo courtesy of http://www.lilsugar.com

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3 thoughts on “Great resources if you love miniatures and dollhouses

  1. Hi, thank you for posting these dollhouses, I was hoping you would add mine as well.
    I make them for my niece and we love playing with them, we even make movies and post them on YouTube. http://www.lolasminihomes.blogspot.com – YouTube: gingerlola2011.


    • Thanks for the suggestion! Your dollhouses are very nice, and it is really helpful the way you teach visitors to your blog the how-to’s of crafting them. I recommend everyone visiting this page take a look as your blog as well 🙂
      Thanks Gingerlola2011!



  2. I love these, and I wish I can be a kid again!


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