Shoes Under update

My husband has informed me that like the Slap Chop and the Sham-Wow, Shoes Under is a thing of the past. I can see why. Here are my shoes, safely suffocating in their Shoes Under encasement.

My shoes, waiting for better times in their Shoes Under holding facility.

My first impression upon pulling this contraption out of the box was that it was flimsy. I had imagined each compartment would be larger and sturdier than it actually was. Honestly, the whole thing feels a little disposable. Then I began filling them with my shoes, and I barely had enough room. I didn’t want my shoes to get smooshed, and I was concerned that the Shoes Under system might actually damage them. I have small feet. I do not know what some large footed person would do with this product. I was actually getting rather grumpy about the whole process and wishing I had my dollar back.

However, once I had filled the Shoes Under, and I realized how much room I had made for the rest of my shoes that I wear more frequently, I decided that Shoes Under was not so bad. It will keep my shoes dust free and organized. So despite my original reaction, I DO recommend Shoes Under. Especially if you can find it new, at a garage sale, like I did.

Shoes Under

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