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Free form crochet

Now that it is getting warmer, I am not crocheting much. However, I do plan to finish this free form blanket this summer. It is easy to make a blanket like this. Just create circular medallions and then piece them into the existing shape, using different stitches to give it character. I am really loving this blanket and can’t wait to see how it turns out. I will keep you updated on its progress.

Free form crochet. Photo by Holly Tierney-Bedord.

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2 thoughts on “Free form crochet

  1. That looks really good! Some people have the knack of making something look unique, a real work of art – I always worry mine will just look like a jumbly mess 😦


  2. Most of my projects are messes to some degree, but slowly I am getting better. You’re probably better than you think you are! 🙂


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