A crocheting crossroads

While I enjoy crocheting, I hate having to undo what I have already done. Therefore, when I find I’ve made a mistake, I sometimes find myself preferring to incorporate this glitch into the design rather than having to undo a large amount of work. I recently decided to add some orange to the pink/mauve/brown free-form blanket I have been working on, and at first I thought it was going to be just what my blanket needed. I made the unfortunate, amateurish mistake of working without being focused and before I knew it, I had spatterings of orange incorporated all over my blanket. I stood back, took a look, and hated it.

In the past, I could not have brought myself to cut out all these stitches, considering I have been adding them through episodes of Mad Men, The Killing, and about seven cooking shows. That’s HOURS of progress. Okay, not progress exactly. Something like the opposite. But still.

I had to choose. Could I talk myself into loving this blanket? I began imagining adding canary yellow and peacock blue to it, to tone down the orange. Then I thought back to the time I had added a cup of vinegar to some spaghetti sauce I’d over-sugared, and another time I’d worn fuchsia lipstick to distract from a bad sunless tanning lotion experience. Sometimes the only way to fix what you’ve done wrong is to actually FIX it. Hadn’t I learned from my past mistakes?

So, I admitted to myself that this traffic cone orange is ruining something I had been really pleased with, and I boldly began snipping. I figured that it’s either a few hours of wasted work, or essentially the entire blanket is a waste, considering I would no longer like it with the blaring orange sections.

Starting over. Photo by Holly Tierney-Bedord.

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