Easy Peasy Caprese!

Making a great Caprese salad is quick, easy, and healthy. As long as you use the freshest, ripest ingredients possible and plenty of Balsamic vinegar, it will be delicious.

This one is perfect for one person. Start by slicing a large, ripe tomato. Pick a good one because with so few ingredients, each one really matters! I picked the fresh basil from the little plant on my porch and probably should have added a little more, but my plant is getting rather sparse from being over-loved. Next I added mozzarella balls, freshly ground pepper, sea salt, and enough Balsamic vinegar to ensure that every bite was delicious. Since they mozzarella balls were packaged in an oil and herb blend, I didn’t bother adding any additional oil. It took just a few minutes to prepare this healthy, fresh, delicious salad. And thanks to the mozzarella, it’s more filling than it looks.

Caprese Salad. Photo by Holly Tierney-Bedord.

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