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Craft Singles

For a couple of weeks now I have had this great idea that I just can’t shake: I am going to start a matchmaking business where people get together to take a craft class, and through the magic of weaving a macrame plant holder together, or creating a stained glass sun-catcher, they FALL IN LOVE. It’s so simple, and the name CRAFT SINGLES is so catchy, that I wonder why no one thought of this sooner.

During my family’s Mother’s Day gathering last week I took an informal poll, to see what they thought. Would you believe the overwhelming response was that “Men do not like crafts.” This seemed as implausible to me as the news back in third grade that girls weren’t supposed to like A-1 Sauce or onion rings, because our tastebuds are too delicate. It gets worse. Part two of why Craft Singles will never be successful is that men aren’t particularly attracted to women who like crafts. I guess we get a bad rap, as dusty, frumpy weirdos. I’m paraphrasing; my family really isn’t this cruel.

So I gave up. I thought I had, anyhow. But then I decided, just to be safe, I would do a tiny bit more investigation on my own, and look what I came up with:

MAN CRAFTS, by men, for men!

This photo and the five above it are courtesy of http://www.instructables.com

As you can see, men are CRYING OUT FOR CRAFTINESS, and they clearly need some women to get on board. With a little rickrack and the tender touch of a glue gun, these crafts could be taken to the next level.

So instead of abandoning this dream, I am going to work on designing a logo. I just know Craft Singles is going to be really big and create many happy relationships.

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2 thoughts on “Craft Singles

  1. Bill on said:

    I am not so sure about this one honey 😉


  2. Connie on said:

    Um, do I want to know what the thing in the 4th picture down is?


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