Bill and I joined Costco.

I’d been reading French Women Don’t Get Fat, which instructs us to shop daily for just the fresh ingredients needed for that day. I agree with this philosophy completely, and was ready to embrace it, until I tagged along with my mom last week to Costco and discovered jars of pickles the size of aquariums.

Now I have enough food to last me to July, if I’d purchased it bit by bit, or the end of the month, since I purchased it all at once.

So far the Costco store brand products (mainly Kirkland) are really great, with tons of healthy vegetarian options. I tried their tabbouleh, orzo salad, and veggie spring rolls, and all were really good.

Hot Mama Tabouli from Costco. Photo courtesy of

Their produce section is really amazing, and they have tons of dried fruit and great deals on snacks.

One product has let me down though. It is the Kirkland night cream. I love trying out new beauty products, so this was going to be a treat. Sadly, however, it is more like a punishment. It smells exactly like mayonnaise. I am convinced it must be a packaging mistake. They have so much going on up in Costcoland, with all the elves and such, that one white cream got switched for the other. Not that I would be completely opposed to using mayonnaise as a moisturizer, if it worked, but not for $22.

Kirkland night cream. Photo courtesy of

So there you have it. Costco is pretty great, but I should have known better than to purchase skincare products from a place that sells patio furniture.

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