Vintage finds for your cabin

Yesterday Bill and I visited our friends at their cabin on a lake. I think one of the best parts about having a cabin, after the obvious perks of non-stop paddleboating, grilling out, and lawn darts, is the fun of decorating a cabin in a laid back style you might not use for your home. My friend took pride in having decorated the entire place in secondhand finds. I thought that was a great idea! Here is some inspiration for my own future cabin:

Vintage coffee mugs. Photo credit:

Adorable vintage mugs. This photo the photo above it courtesy of Wool Trousers shop on etsy
Sure, why not. Unicorn suncatcher. Photo credit:

Vintage Afghans. This photo and the two above it courtesy of
I think everyone has had a piece of this pattern in their home at some time. It’s one of my favorites. Photo courtesy of Wool Trousers store on etsy.
Vintage glider. Photo credit:
These might be too nice for the cabin! Mid century modern chairs. Photo courtesy of Rhapsody Attic’s store on etsy.
Cozy bedroom. Photo credit:
Every cabin needs a stack of garage sale games! Photo credit:
Vintage dog statue collection. Photo credit:
Old dresser with a shelf on top. Photo credit:

For even more inspiration, check out my Svpply wishlist called My Dream Cabin in the Woods.

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