Yay for The Bachelorette Best Blog Award

I’m on day three of my 29 Gifts Challenge, and I have yet to give anything to anyone. If you miss a day, you’re supposed to start over, and I am not about to let that happen. So in the spirit of true generosity, I have created an award for bloggers of special merit who blog about The Bachelorette, since I find it to be one of the most entertaining shows on television.

Along with creating this award and offering it to any Bachelorette bloggers or fans who would like to share it, I will be also be awarding one of these tonight. After much deliberation, I’ve chosen the blog bachelorlove.blogspot.com.
With a blog name like that, you know she means business! If you miss an episode, Stacey B.’s blog will get you caught up in no time.

The ‘Yay For The Bachelorette Best Blog Award’ goes to Stacey B. of the blog bachelorlove.blogspot.com. Photo and award by Holly Tierney-Bedord.

3 replies to “Yay for The Bachelorette Best Blog Award

  1. Congrats to bachelorlove.blogspot.com …but I still wanted to give a shot out to myself and my own weekly blog on The Bachelorette …http://spunkybean.com. If there’s a recount or recall election, I’ve collected 1,000 signatures to get my blog on the next ballot. LOVE Holly Recommends. Adding it to my blogroll, which is the highest honor I can currently bestow on anything. I ran out of room on my forearm for a Holly Recommends tattoo.


  2. I took a look at your blog, Spunkybean. Now that was a thorough and insightful review of last night’s episode! Consider yourself awarded with a Yay for the Bachelorette Best Blog Award, and thank you bringing your blog to my attention.


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