Better prizes for Bulldozers, please!

The bond that holds Bill and me together is our love of Bulldozers. Not the large, powerful tractors used to knock stuff over, but the carnival game. As a kid I once wasted seven dollars trying to win a feather clip at the Mazomanie Wild West Days Bulldozers. I can still remember it clearly: Popping one quarter after another while I watched my mom out of the corner of my eye, hoping she wouldn’t see how out of control I was. Since then, I steer clear. But I still love them.

Tonight, wandering around the Monona carnival while we waited for the traffic to clear out, I took a look at the Bulldozers. There was not much good stuff in there: Plastic key chains that looked like they’d break the first time you used them; A Manicure kit that may or may not have already been used; Tiny broken figurines.

It got me thinking that someone should make Bulldozers for adults. Good ones filled with extravagant goodies like genuinely fancy key chains, antique jewelry, Chanel lipsticks. They’d be expensive to play, but worth it. And why stop there? There could be claw machines filled with designer handbags and shoes. And ski ball that printed tickets you could turn in for Anthropologie gift certificates.

It would be like a carnival or Chuck E. Cheese for adults. Instead of soda, they’d serve wine. Instead of pizza, they’d serve… well, pizza. But GOOD pizza.

I think it sounds heavenly. Is anyone with me here?

©2012 Holly Tierney-Bedord. All rights reserved.

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