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Preventing Migraines

I used to occasionally get migraines. Maybe two or three times a year. I would recognize the signs, but not know how to prevent the early stages from progressing. It would start when I was somewhere like work, and I would be having a stressful day. I would have no Advil with me, and I would be starving. I would think “If I could just eat something, take an Advil, and lie down right now, I could stop this.” But since I was at work, I wouldn’t be able to. My headache would escalate until it was pounding and I was so nauseous that I would have to leave anyway, barely able to drive home.

About three years ago I was reading a magazine and saw a small blurb about preventing migraines. The advice was simple: Relax your jaw. Don’t clench your teeth or bite them together in any way. Touch the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth, and relax your jaw.

So I tried keeping my jaw more relaxed in general, and particularly if I feel a headache coming on, and it really works. It sounds weird, but it helped me a lot, so I thought I’d pass it on to you. I have not had a migraine since I learned this trick. (Well, once maybe, but I will admit that was in conjunction with a hangover.)

Preventing Migraines. Photo credit: http://www.startribune.com

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3 thoughts on “Preventing Migraines

  1. I get migraines all the time. Well, not all the time, but a lot. Usually when I’m stressed. Usually when I’ve slept badly. Usually when I’ve ground my teeth into oblivion over night, or during work time. So your post rings a lot of bells with me, as I know my chief trigger of migraines is clenching or grinding teeth. When I don’t catch myself in time, I get a huge knot of tensed up muscle at the nape of my neck and then I know I’m in for a killer migraine. Advil is great, as is lying down in a darkened room. I will try your tongue-against-roof-of-mouth trick next time I get the aura… Hope it works, will keep you posted. Thanks for sharing!


  2. This seems like a nice little trick.


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