Holly Recommends…

My Pillow is the best pillow ever. EVER. (I’m screaming now) EEEEVVVVVEEERRRR!!!!!

I am not a pillow freak. I do not have pillows all over the bed. I could easily (and often have) slept with my head on just a mattress. To me, an overly puffy pillow is far worse than no pillow at all. And then I met My Pillow.

This pillow is insane. Insanely great. My first impression was that it was a little lumpy and too fluffy. It had to be fluffed in the dryer for fifteen minutes to properly “activate” it, and I dislike high maintenance things so I was prepared to not like it. Then I rested my head upon it and became immediately comfortable. The DVR’d episode of Project Runway I’d just begun faded into nothingness. I felt like I was floating. My head was so gently supported that I felt like there was no longer gravity. Was I on a cloud? Was I even still alive? I often have trouble falling asleep, but with My Pillow (or possible it’s actually called MyPillow; it seems to go by either) I was OUT in minutes. There is nothing like this pillow. NOTHING. It is $60+ and worth every penny. I could not recommend a product more highly.

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