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Happy Voting Day!

I am waiting for Bill to get home so we can go vote together. He always likes voting as a team. He thinks it doubles our chances of our candidate winning. So I thought I would check in since I never have time to update my blog these days. Here are some random things on my mind lately:

1. I am excited to vote, and excited for all those political ads to be done.

2. I need a huge shelving unit like one of these:

Mid century shelving unit. Photo credit: http://www.poleshelving.com

Mid century shelving. Photo credit: http://www.dejavulongbeach.com

3. Always fascinated by mysterious of the unexplained, I’d like everyone to read up on the Plains of Nazca, or Nazca Lines. Undiscovered until the 1930’s by a pilot flying overheard, these shapes are one of the great mysterious of the world. Particularly fascinating is the Nazca spider with one long leg. This spider actually exists. It is microscopic, found in Brazil, and undiscovered until the twentieth century, yet depicted in the Nazca lines of Peru made more than a thousand years ago.

Nazca spider. Photo credit: http://www.garvandwane.com

Nazca dog. Photo credit: Wikipedia

4. I am actually looking forward to winter and snow this year. I guess because our new home has a wood burning fireplace. I can’t wait to use it! Our old house had one and we never got around to getting it fixed up to code, and since I am such a worrier there was no way I was going to use it. We won’t make that mistake again; getting this fireplace checked out and ready to be used is at the top of my to-do list.

…Bill is home! Time to vote! I hope all of you got out to vote today!

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3 thoughts on “Happy Voting Day!

  1. Voting is done with double the chances!


  2. How amazing are wall units?! I’m in love the the metal detail on the Barzilay Wall Unit. Thank you for the photo credit. Let us know if there comes a time when you are ready to buy. We have more that what is listed on our website and would be happy to get you more info


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