December (so far)

Despite my dislike of winter (remember Winter?), I have come to love December. So far this December is no exception. Bill and I, along with my parents, celebrated our 7th anniversary a couple of days early on November 30th at Vinnie Vanucchi’s in Galena. We used to go there a lot for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions when we lived in Mineral Point. It was great to be back. Their food, especially their butter-drenched garlic bread (it HAS to be the most unhealthy thing in the world, but worth every bite), is amazing.

Anniversary roses. I should have taken a picture before they began to wilt.
Anniversary roses. I should have taken a picture before they began to wilt.

We spent our actual anniversary (December 2nd) decorating our house for the holidays. I put up my North Pole village, which I have somehow kept well-preserved since I acquired it in 1993-1995. I had decided before we moved into this house a month and a half ago that I was now going to be a minimalist. Less is more. Room to breathe. Clutter kills brain cells. All of that has gone out the window. Our house looks like a Christmas craft mall exploded.

xmas xmas2 xmas5 xmas9

We put up our tree and have sprinkled merry holiday doodads everywhere. It’s kind of out of control.

lamp xmastree

Next, we got a fire going in our fireplace:

fire fire3

You’d think a dog would know there is something inherently wrong about flames happening in the living room, but Bagelkins was unfazed.


That’s about it for the month, so far. It’s supposed to snow tomorrow. I cannot wait!

All photos ©2012 Holly Tierney-Bedord. All rights reserved.

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