Easy thread wrapped bangle bracelet

Here is a simple, quick, practically-free way to give new life to old bangles! I have a very cool wooden bangle that I love. Unfortunately, it got a water stain on it and became less special to me.


I decided to wrap the bangle in thread and give it a second life. In doing so, I was able to cover the stains on the bracelet. This is a great way to dress up any old bangle. Use a little thread or a lot. I used a blend of weights, from regular sewing thread, to thread that was about as heavy as embroidery thread. Here it is, partly finished:


I used no glues or adhesives, so I can change my mind later if I feel like it. By wrapping thread around on top of itself a few times, it stays in place with no trouble. Here is the finished product:


At this point, if you are happy with your work, you can take a dab of glue and secure the last tail of thread into place. Ideally the seam should be inside the bracelet where no one can see it. As long as there is thread beneath it and the glue is not touching the actual bracelet, you should still be able to snip the thread and undo your work if needed.

Helpful hint: Be sure not to use too much thread, or you may find that you can no longer fit your hand into the bracelet!

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