What is the secret formula?

Walking into Aveda, Anthropologie, or most Eco-home type stores, you’re immediately greeted with a fresh, exhilarating blast of fragrance. Lavendar mixed with eucalyptus, mixed with… I’m not sure what. So, like a mad scientist, I have been trying to recreate this aroma in my kitchen using candles, oils, incense sticks, herbs, and wax cubes. But instead of coming up with something light, airy, and wonderful, our home smells like soot, pancakes, and gardenias. Let me just tell you, recreating that elusive spa scent is not possible. I think the secret lies in the oils part, which is (of course) the most expensive piece of the puzzle. So this posting is a bit of a call to action. Please Aveda, or Scentsy, or anybody: Make some wax cubes that capture that scent and feeling. Please. We will love you for it!

The Apothecary Shop. Photo found on photobucket.com. Follow link for more copyright information.
The Apothecary Shop. Photo found on photobucket.com, uploaded by giberish999.

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