Michael Sowa

In 1997 while studying in Austria, my fellow Americans and I took many side trips. One of them was to an art museum in Germany. I can’t even remember what city we were in any longer, but I do remember purchasing some postcards at the gift shop before leaving. One in particular caught my attention, since my mom and I both love rabbits. It was this:

Der Osterhase Kommt by Michael Sowa
Der Osterhase Kommt by Michael Sowa

When I translate from German to English, I often miss the point of what they’re trying to say, but I’m pretty sure this means “The Easter Bunny is Coming!” I either sent this postcard to her or gave it to her when I got home, and she still has it in her house. I’ve always loved its dark, moody mix of strange and cute, but I never knew or really even wondered who the artist was.
It turns out, it’s Michael Sowa.

According to Wikipedia, “Michael Sowa is a German artist known mainly for his paintings, which are variously whimsical, surreal, or stunning. His paintings often feature animals and are titled in English and German.”

He gained attention later when several of his paintings were featured in the film Amelie, and now many of his works are recognizable and his style is often copied.

Amelie, featuring works of art by Michael Sowa.
Amelie, featuring works of art by Michael Sowa. Photo credit: http://www.olivianita.com

Here are some other great examples of his work:




Art by Michael Sowa
All examples by Michael Sowa

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