Happy Anniversary to me!

Apparently it’s been three years since I created this blog. WordPress sent me this picture of an award today to let me know.

Wordpress sent me this anniversary award today. Three years!
Has it really been Three Years already? Thank you all for being loyal readers!

I started this blog when I was a Realtor and I was advised during a networking class that we all ought to have useful blogs about home staging or other real estate related topics. I am no longer a Realtor and this blog has since evolved into a hobby I try to keep up with, sometimes daily, sometimes barely once a month. It’s a conglomerate of decorating inspiration (here, here,) and nature photos I’ve taken (here, here, or here), bits about fashion, reality TV, and shopping, other photos of stuff I’ve taken (here, here,) with crafts (here, here), pets (here, here, here), book reviews, art (here), stuff I want to buy, food I like, causes I care about (here, here), stories about people (usually artists) who inspire me (here, here, here), details about books I’ve written (here), recipes (here, here) and miscellaneous stories that interest me (here, here) sprinkled in. These are a small sampling of past entries.

Some people wonder what the point of having a blog is, especially if it’s not to network or promote a business. For me, it’s fun. I have no sponsors and don’t make money doing this. It’s just something creative I enjoy. I’ve always loved magazines, and having a blog is similar to creating a magazine. I get to share the things I care about, but unlike an actual magazine or a job, I have no pressure, rules, or deadlines. What a great deal!

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