New Year’s Resolutions

2014 Resolutions. Image by Holly Tierney-Bedord.
2014 Resolutions. Image by Holly Tierney-Bedord.
Last night I was asked what my new year’s resolutions are and I couldn’t think of any! I decided I would make some now so here I go:

1. Finish Sweet Hollow Women, a book I started writing about 5 years ago.

2. Eat healthier. I already am a pretty healthy eater, but there is always room for improvement. The secret, I’ve learned, is to have no junk food around (I usually have that aspect under control) and to have lots of healthy choices on hand (I’m not always so good about that part of the formula).

3. Cook and bake more. I never bake anything, but Bill and I are going to become bakers this year. I even bought him some baking cookbooks since the only cookbooks we had before were vegetarian cookbooks, smoothie cookbooks, and wine tasting guides, all of them pretty much unopened despite that I love collecting them for some reason. (Yes, I realize as I write this that baking directly cancels out my previous resolution to eat healthier.)

4. Get out in nature more. I guess I’ll work on this one when it’s warmer out. I am not a big fan of winter.

5. Finish my home projects like painting the cream colored kitchen cupboards white, changing out the yucky old fan for the new awesome light we got almost  a year ago, etc.

6. Give people the benefit of the doubt more. I tend to be skeptical of people’s intentions sometimes, and it’s unfair. I need to work on this.

7. Waste less time on Pinterest. On second thought, maybe Pinterest is good. It really is inspiring, and it makes me kind of feel like I went shopping, but for free. I will have to think about this one.

8. Be more supportive towards the causes and people I care about.

9. Create better systems of organization to keep our house cleaner and tidier. Basically, the less stuff you have, the easier it is to have a clean house.

10. Don’t get stuck in a rut. For instance, we often go to the same restaurants over and over again. It’s more fun and memorable to try new places instead.

What are your resolutions for the upcoming year?



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