Tyler’s the best!

Tyler is quite adorable. He has been part of our family since June 2 and we’re still learning new things about him all the time. Today I discovered that he loves nachos. I was attempting to eat some leftover nachos (they do not make good leftovers at all) and Tyler went crazy over them. Barking, howling, batting at me with his paws, dancing around. Against my better judgment, I gave him a couple of the soggy, cheese engulfed ones that didn’t have jalapenos on them. How could I deprive him of something that he was THAT excited about? He thought they were great and has had no ill side effects. I’m not advising you to give your dog nachos; honestly, I don’t think most dogs would even take you up on it. Other Tyler quirks are his love of salad with Italian dressing (I only discovered this when I accidentally dropped a piece of lettuce on the floor. Really, I don’t feed my dog junk all the time), his phobia of cameras, the way he sleeps on his back with his paws pointed straight up when he’s really comfortable, and the adorable way he brings toys over and drops them in front of us if we aren’t getting the point that he wants to play fetch. Aren’t dogs simply the best? Here he is, earlier tonight (unhappily) posing for a picture.

Tyler. Photo by Holly Tierney-Bedord.
Tyler. Photo by Holly Tierney-Bedord.

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