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What’s a honeymoon salad? Lettuce alone.

Les Oreilles du Diable (Devil's Ears), seed from Fedco Seeds, a great seed co-op in Maine.

Photo by Holly Tierney-Bedord. All rights reserved.

In case you would like to grow some of the amazing lettuce featured yesterday with my berry compote vinaigrette recipe, it’s called Les Oreilles du Diable (Devil’s Ears). The seeds came from Fedco Seeds, a Maine seed co-op.

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One thought on “What’s a honeymoon salad? Lettuce alone.

  1. What a great post! I just followed you to stay updated on your future posts and I look forward to them. I recently started my own vegan/political blog, so feel free to check it out and let me know what you think!

    Have a great day! 😀


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