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I made it, briefly, to the Wisconsin Book Festival on Saturday morning and got to see Curtis Sittenfeld in person. Despite how exuberant I get around famous people (and to me writers, if I think they’re good, are the most famous people of all), I held myself together pretty well and only took one picture:

Curtis Sittenfeld, Mary Kay Zurvleff, Susanna Daniel, and Michelle Wildgen. Photo by Holly Tierney-Bedord. All rights reserved.

Curtis Sittenfeld, Mary Kay Zurvleff, Susanna Daniel, and Michelle Wildgen. Photo by Holly Tierney-Bedord. All rights reserved.

I also got to see author Mary Kay Zurvleff, and local authors Susanna Daniel and Michelle Wildgen. They spoke about the topics writers frequently prefer to avoid. Basically, it turned into a conversation about sex.

After the discussion the authors signed our books. How exciting! That makes two weeks in a row of famous people signing things for me! What amazing person is going to sign something for me next week, I wonder.

Ironman logo. Photo credit: www.ironman.com

Ironman logo. Photo credit: http://www.ironman.com

I’ve been meaning to write something for weeks about the Ironman that took place here in Madison in September. My brother completed it and despite my feelings from previous years of “Oh my God Someone please get these bikers out of my way I’m trying to drive,” this year I finally GOT it. It was AMAZING to be at the finish line, along with the rest of my very thrilled family, to greet him after he swam 2.4 miles, biked 112 miles, and ran a full marathon. It was beyond exciting. I was beyond proud. It was very, very cool and I tip my imaginary hat to all the Ironman athletes. I could never do it. I admire them so much for their physical and mental strength.

Also, in recent news, a coyote went running in front of my car last night, only a block from our house. We live right in Madison so I was quite shocked. And no, it was not a “shaggy, skinny German Shepherd without a collar” or some variation as several people have suggested to me. But thanks. So, Madisonians, keep your kittens, babies, and puppies safe inside. There’s a monster on the loose.

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  1. Who are you going to meet this week?


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