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Holy Hell That’s HOT

When my husband brought home Garden Fresh Gourmet Screamin’ Hot salsa for me the other day I actually said, “Yeah. I’ll bet,” as I was putting it in the refrigerator. I’ve tried a zillion salsas, bloody mary mixes, sauces, and other foods that promise to send steam shooting from my ears, and nine times out of ten they’re merely a little peppery or oniony. Fortunately, I like mild salsas, drinks, and sauces too, so it’s not that huge of a deal to me. It’s just that when it comes to food, I think the term Hot gets overused.

Garden Fresh Gourmet Screamin' Hot Salsa. Photo by Holly Tierney-Bedord. All rights reserved.

Garden Fresh Gourmet Screamin’ Hot Salsa. Photo by Holly Tierney-Bedord. All rights reserved.

With expectations pretty low, I opened my new salsa to give it a try. My first impression?


This is hot.

Quite hot.

My next impression?

Oh My God. This is really hot.

Hot Hot Hot.

Too hot.

This went on for about six chips worth of salsa, at which point I had to give up and put it away.

I’m not even sure I’m recommending this as something you’d want to eat. I’m more just recommending it as something that is honestly very, very hot.

So… Enjoy. I guess?

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3 thoughts on “Holy Hell That’s HOT

  1. Finally I found something hot!

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  2. Hah! That’s the last time I gonna eat hot salsa!😣


  3. K E Parks on said:

    I love this salsa,and I’ve pretty tried it all.Other than the local Mexican food store,this salsa is about the hottest you’ll find in a major grocery store.Packaged fresh,unlike that junk that comes in a jar.I always have a glass of milk on hand to neutralize the heat if it if gets to be too much to handle. 😉


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