New Feature: Cheapest Trip Ever: Chicago to Houston for 8 nights for $222/person including air

Welcome to a new feature on Holly Recommends.

Sometimes while daydreaming about trips I want to take I come across combinations that aren’t for me, but might be perfect for someone else who wants to get away on a budget. I can’t promise you that the flights and hotels are going to be comfortable, or even safe. I’m just going to guarantee that right now, as I type this, these trips exist and they are very, very cheap.

Today’s deal is from Chicago to Houston. It’s a direct flight with no stops. You’ll leave the evening of Monday, April 20 and return Tuesday, April 28. Your roundtrip ticket is just $78.20. Yes, that is roundtrip, all fees and taxes included. On Spirit you can’t bring anything but a tiny bag, so pack really, really light.

Here are your flight details:

Departure: Mon, Apr 20
Spirit Airlines Flight 295
Take-off: Mon 7:00p
Landing: Mon 9:42p
ORD: O’Hare International
IAH: George Bush Intcntl
2h 42m

Return Flight: Tue, Apr 28
Spirit Airlines Flight 200
Take-off: Tue 6:05a
Landing: Tue 8:40a
IAH: George Bush Intcntl
ORD: O’Hare International
2h 35m

Fare Details
Base Fare Taxes & Carrier Surcharges Total
1 adult $50.00 $28.20 $78.20
Total $78.20

Next, I’ve found you a hotel with a pool and free breakfast for just $36.00 night!

A great deal on Priceline!It’s the Travelodge Houston Southeast at 9902 Gulf Freeway, Houston, TX

This means you and a guest could have an 8 day vacation for just $444! What a bargain! Car rental, additional meals, and entertainment not included.

For more information visit as soon as possible before this deal goes away. I am not affiliated with Priceline or any other travel site, hotel, motel, or airline.

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