Life Lately

Here are a couple of Foodie News updates.

Last night I attended Brasserie V’s BFM Switzerland Tasting Event featuring award winning Swiss brewer Jerome Rebetez. It was great. Seriously delicious. Often I think I’d be pretty happy just eating salads non-stop for the rest of my life. Arugula, goat cheese, maybe some beets for good measure, and some kind of fancy nuts sprinkled on top with vinaigrette and a side of crusty bread — that’s usually all it takes to make me happy. However, last night I decided I would be even happier living off fancy beer and cheese instead. I’m truly a Wisconsin girl in that aspect. Here are some photos from the tasting:




IMG_1033Photos by Holly Tierney-Bedord. All rights reserved.

Sunday evening Bill and I went to chef Robert Irvine’s show at the Overture Center. He was kind enough to stick around after the show to meet his fans and take pictures. Amazingly generous! Honestly, it added hours to his night. If I were famous I’d just duck out a back door, so kudos to you Chef Irvine!

Meeting Chef Irvine. Photo credit:
Meeting Chef Irvine. Photo credit:

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