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Half-scale Bungalow–Complete!

I love to see what other miniaturists are up to. Look at this adorable bungalow that blogger JennsMinis created from a kit. She did a great job!

Jenn's Mini Worlds: A Dollhouse Miniaturist's Blog

The Half-Inch Scale bungalow by Real Good Toys is complete inside and out! I haven’t furnished it yet, but the work is done!



The interior has been trimmed and finished. I moved the staircase, obviously, from the end of the house to the middle. Also made this room the largest by having the partition to the right of the door (looking in from the back) instead of on the left as in the prototype. Added a fireplace too.


This will be the kitchen.


The biggest room upstairs will be the bedroom. I don’t mind the stairs coming out in the middle, as I was going for a “loft” feel.


Bathroom. I’m pleased with how the “mural” made out of scrapbook paper came out.


Overview of the back of the house.




There we have it! I started this house in June–for me, building and finishing the whole thing by September is…

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One thought on “Half-scale Bungalow–Complete!

  1. Looks beautiful, can’t wait to see it finished.


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