The trouble with Ben Carson’s logic

Ben Carson has gotten a good deal of attention lately for his comments about how Jews could have saved themselves from Hitler if they’d been better armed. He’s gotten plenty of support for his statements, but I find his point of view extremely objectionable. The problem with thinking this way is that it blames the victims. It essentially says, “People will be monsters. Accept it and protect yourself against them. And if you can’t, you deserve what’s coming.” This point of view makes it okay to tell rape victims they ought to have been carrying a gun. If you were mugged or robbed or worse, shame on you for not protecting yourself. It makes anyone who has been assaulted by another person guilty, and paints that person as a fool.

The majority of people want to live in a safe, non-violent world, and have no desire to ever fire a gun at another person. Carson’s point of view says that violence is the norm, and it’s up to non-violent people to adapt. It says that instead of expecting to have a peaceful day, you should expect to be assaulted, but with the responsibility/bonus of getting to assault back in a bigger, more successful way. While I believe it’s everyone’s responsibility to protect and defend themselves and those in their care, Carson has taken this responsibility to a place that’s no longer reasonable, practical, or civilized.

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