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Vintage House Plans: Passive Solar, Sunken Living Room, Octagon, Apartment Suite

I love these vintage house plans!

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Antique Alter Ego

More vintage house plans!

Vintage house plan books give an insight into the style of mid century houses and for anyone who is looking to build a house in the mid century style or to renovate an updated mid century house back to its original state, these books are invaluable.

These houses are stretching into the late 1970s design, where energy was a greater concern.  We will be exploring passive solar house design and subterranean designs in the next few weeks as well as modern!

Vintage House Plans, Accomodating Kitchen      Vintage House Plans, Apartment Suite      Vintage House Plans, Balcony

Vintage House Plans, Circular Home      Vintage House Plans, Passive Solar      Vintage House Plans, Elegant

Vintage House Plans, Octagon      Vintage House Plans, Passive Solar      Vintage House Plans, Rustic Ranch

Vintage House Plans, Semi-Underground      Vintage House Plans, Stucco      Vintage House Plans, Sunken Living Room

Vintage House Plans      Vintage House Plans, Multi-Level      Vintage House Plans, Triple Dormers

Vintage House Plans, Passive Solar

These house plans are from the late 1970s Vintage House Plans

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