Read(y) to Wear paper fashion show recap

A creative way to raise money for Madison Reading Project

Back in March I started creating a dress from pages of a book. You might wonder why, aside from taking part in the Project Runway Unconventional Challenge, someone would do something like that. For a good cause, naturally! It was for Read(y) to Wear, a paper fashion show benefiting the local non-profit Madison Reading Project. I’ve mentioned them on here before since their mission of bringing books into the homes of kids who have very limited access to them really resonates with me.

I chose the book Three Cups of Tea to use for materials, since that book has been exposed as being mainly fabricated; I decided it was one book I wouldn’t have a hard time turning into craft materials. The Three Cups of Tea saga is a whole side-story I’m not interested in going into here, but here’s a link about it if you’re interested.

Here’s an in-progress photo of the dress:

And another of it nearing completion…

Photos by Holly Tierney-Bedord.

And… Here it is on the runway, modeled by local author Susan Gloss, who wrote the novel Vintage.

Photo credit: Joel Ondercin. Photo links to an article about Read(y) to Wear in In Business magazine. Susan’s necklace, earrings, and bracelet and my necklace were all borrowed by Victoria Sterling Fine Vintage Jewelry.

Here are more fun photos of this event:

mejanetFun with Janet, one of my oldest friends

Models on the catwalk

Bill & me

Panel of judges

Pre-runway show drinks

susan (2)
Susan’s awesome paper hairpiece

Madison Reading Project


Collage created by Madison Reading Project. Photos by Holly Tierney-Bedord, Bill Tierney-Bedord, Joel Ondercin, and Madison Reading Project. All rights reserved.

Read(y) to Wear ended up raising $6,600 to help support literacy in and around Madison! I’m so proud to have been able to help contribute to this awesome cause! Want to help them out? Visit their website today and make a donation!

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