Creativity Series: Author Laura Heffernan

I’m kicking off my new series about creative people and the projects they’re working on by introducing you to author Laura Heffernan.

Photo submitted by Laura Heffernan. All rights reserved.

Laura is one of the authors who is participating in the Oceanic Dreams Romantic Comedy Novella Series along with me and six other authors. First, a couple of things about the Ocean Dreams series: This project has been a behind-the-scenes secret for months and I’m very excited we can talk about it now. It’s been a blast to work on a short, fun book. All our stories in the series are stand-alones, but they have similarities, like song titles for their titles and overlapping characters taking the same Caribbean singles’ cruise. The first book in the series is out next month, with new books coming throughout the spring and summer.

Laura’s book is called TIME OF MY LIFE. It’s the second novella in the Oceanic Dreams series. Here’s what Laura has to say about it:

“It’s basically Dirty Dancing meets The Love Boat, with a healthy dose of pole fitness. I did pole fitness for years, and briefly subbed as a teacher for the beginner classes. I absolutely adored it, so it was only a matter of time before the sport found its way into one of my books.”

Here’s the book’s blurb:

She needs a partner, but passengers are off limits. It’s only one dirty dance…what could go wrong?

Legend says every person who boards the Oceanic Aphrodite will find their true love within a day. Of course, staff like Janey know that’s a crock. She’s on the ship to teach pole fitness and earn her paycheck, not to find romance. Then she runs into Frank in the boarding area. He’s everything Janey isn’t–refined, classy, rich, privileged–but his good looks and charm also make him undeniably appealing. But he’s a passenger, and that can’t happen.

When Janey’s partner becomes too ill to perform in the end-of-cruise talent show, Frank offers to fill in. He’s never done pole fitness, but his ballet background makes him the perfect choice. Not to mention their only option. Despite their differences, after a week of dirty dancing, Janey is surprised to find herself falling for Frank. For the first time, she finds herself hoping the legend is real–but giving in to temptation means Janey will find herself out of a job.

It’s available for pre-order on Amazon:

Interview time!


Holly: How long have you been writing?

Laura: I’ve been writing since I was 5 years old. However, I didn’t start get serious about completing a novel until 2014. My first book was published in 2017, and now I’ll have 7 works out by the end of the year! (Sometimes, I still can’t believe it.)


Holly: Any special accolades you’d like share?

Laura: In 2016, I won Lit Rejections’ inaugural Short Story Prize with THE MANUSCRIPT


Holly: Any advice you wish you’d known sooner relating to your work?

Laura: Writing is rewarding, but not something that you’ll get rich doing. Do it for the love of creating something.


Laura is offering this special GIVEAWAY to my blog readers:

“With two books coming out this summer, I’m excited to offer a free electronic ARC of TIME OF MY LIFE, and another for SHE’S GOT GAME (which I can send out at the beginning of August).”
To enter, follow her on BookBub: and then leave a comment, below (here, on my blog. You’ll need to scroll just about to the very bottom to the “leave a reply” box), saying “Entered.”


Laura Heffernan is like the wind. A couple of years ago, she discovered that she could have the time of her life doing pole fitness. In the still of the night, Laura enjoys writing books that recognize love is strange.

Before taking time off to have a baby, yes, she could do most of the moves described in this book. Not that one. But because big girls don’t cry, she tries not to dwell on it. Where are you tonight? Probably on Twitter, tweeting about reality television, board games, or Canadian chocolate.”
All of Laura’s books are available at and other online retailers. She also has a free flash fiction, THE MANUSCRIPT, available at”

Want to connect with Laura? The best ways to reach her are on Twitter at @LH_Writes or through her website. Find her on Facebook at

Do you know someone who would be a great fit for my creativity series? Put them in touch with me! I’d love to learn more.

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