Creativity Series: Eileen Troemel

Welcome to another installment of my series focusing on creative people and their inspiring projects!

Eileen Troemel is an author and crocheter. Like me, she’s from Wisconsin. Today we’re going to look at her beautiful crocheted creations, many of which are made using patterns she designed herself.

bio picAll photos in this blog posts submitted by Eileen Troemel. All rights reserved.

Eileen Troemel

Here’s our interview, with photos of Eileen’s original creations throughout.


{Wow! Don’t you just love the stitch on this image, above? Beautiful!}


Holly: Eileen, tell us about your crocheting.

Eileen: Crocheting is a family tradition.  My paternal grandmother crocheted intricate fine items for her home.  For me crocheting is relaxation and stress therapy.  To pick up my hook and a skein of yarn and turn it into something beautiful and useful for someone else helps me settle after a stressful day at work or in life.


Holly: How long have you crocheted?

Eileen: My mother took a class when I was twelve.  It fascinated me.  I loved learning about it.  That was over 40 years ago and I’ve only gotten deeper into the crocheting world. 


Shades of Blue 2


Holly: Any special accolades you’d like share?

Eileen: Five years ago, I published my first few books.  My middle daughter bugged me for some pattern I did for her ages ago.  I said I made up the pattern and didn’t have it anymore.  She told me to publish my patterns like I do my books.  I thought she was crazy… until I did the first one.  It’s grown a lot since then.   I’ve been published in Happily Hooked Magazine and their affiliate Pattern Pack Pro



Holly: Is there any advice you wish you’d known sooner relating to your work?

Eileen: Keep all your patterns – even the ones written on scraps of paper.  I’ve made things for people throughout the years and I’d write down the repeats or the pattern and when I was done with the project, I’d toss them.  Now I wish I hadn’t. 



Holly: Do you have a giveaway to share today?

Eileen: If people contact me through my contact page, here, I’ll send them a free pattern.

More thoughts on crocheting from Eileen:

“I love working with fleece yarn.  It’s big and works up quickly but more it’s good quality yarn.  It’s so soft.  It makes great afghan in two or three days.”

20180318_155145 (1)

“Even though I’ve been crocheting for such a long time, I find I keep learning new things.  Two new things I love are the Russian join and the foundation single / half double / double crochets.  The Russian join is great for yarns that are slippery and traditional joining doesn’t work like silk or some of the bulky yarns.  The foundation stitches replaces the traditional beginning chain.  The nice thing about that is it helps beginners with getting started easier.  The foundation chain can be difficult to get a consistent tension and size.  The foundational stitches (single, half double, double) allows the beginner to jump right in to building on the foundation.”


“Another new thing I’ve discovered – hooks with stuff on the handle – plastic or rubber or wood.  When these first came out, I scoffed at them.  My belief was such a small change how can it make a difference.  I had my hooks from years of crocheting, I wasn’t going to spend more money on hooks with fancy handles.  After reading how it helped people with arthritis and other issues keep crocheting, I opted to try one.  I’ve got three full sets of these now.  I have a set from Joann’s which has wood – I like those the best because the shaft of the hood part is a little longer.  The others are good unless you like that longer shaft.  What I’ve found is that my hands hurt less when I use these hooks.”


About Eileen:

An avid crocheter, Eileen explores different crochet techniques and patterns.  She creates her own and publishes them.  As well, she’s been published in Happily Hooked Magazine and Pattern Pack Pro.  For more than forty years, she’s been learning crochet techniques and continues to learn more every year. 


Don’t forget to claim your free crochet pattern from Eileen:


Want to connect with Eileen in other ways? You’ve got more than few options:


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