Berry stained lips

I discovered the secret to lasting, natural looking, smudge-proof lip color a long time ago by accident, while eating blackberries. As crazy as it sounds, blackberries make an excellent lipstain. One frozen blackberry, thawed and dabbed on your lips with a lipstick brush, is subtle and longer-lasting than the best lipstick in the world. The trick is to apply a coat, allow it to dry, and repeat several times. Don’t worry; the color will not get anywhere close to the deep purple of the berry. Once you’re happy with the color, add a touch of gloss, lip balm, or lipstick as a topcoat, and rest assured that even as that color wears away, you will still have a pretty base coat in place. One warning: avoid this look if you have chapped or dry lips, because your lips will not hold the color evenly and will look blotchy.

Frozen blackberries. Like a thousand little tubes of lipstick! Photo by Tom of Tall Clover Farm.

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